Our Gingerbread House!

The boys had been asking me to buy the Gingerbread House Kit since it came out (in October?!) every time we went to the grocery store. I always bake everything from scratch – but I just couldn’t refuse their cute faces, finally caved and bought it last week. Everything you need comes in the box – the gingerbread pieces, the decorations and even the icing is already made – so it’s really pretty easy.  I also used some other sprinkles and sugar crystals that I had here already.

The one thing that makes a huge difference when you are decorating these houses is a pastry bag! Using a knife for the icing can be very messy and you just can’t add any fine details with a knife. I transferred the icing that came in the box to my own pastry bag and used both a #10 tip to “glue” the walls and roof together, and a #3 tip for the actual decorating. But, since most people don’t have a bunch of pastry bags lying around, you can use the bag the icing comes in. This works fine when you are putting the house together. Just cut off the corner and squeeze the icing out to glue the bottom layer and walls together.

Once you have put the house together, let it dry for at least 30 minutes. While it’s drying, transfer the rest of the icing into a freezer bag and cut off just a tiny bit of one of the corners and use that to pipe the details on the roof, windows and doors. The freezer bag with give you better control and the smaller hole will make it easier to pipe thinner lines. My little guys are getting pretty good with a pastry bag, but I did help (a lot) with the decorative piping on the roof and the windows. The rest of the decorating kudos goes to them though!

And there you have it! A super fun and relatively easy project to do with the kids! Happy Holidays!


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