Frozen Buttercream Transfer

So, my little guy wanted a dragon cake for his birthday and he wanted me to make a big dragon (that breathed real fire??) for the top of the cake. I’m a baker – not an artist/sculptor – so the whole sculpting a large dragon out of fondant was definitely out and I had to find a different way to make this happen. I wanted to do something more than just having a picture transferred onto the cake using a frosting sheet and edible ink – so I decided on a frozen buttercream transfer. After watching a few videos on how to do it, I gave it a go.

I printed a picture of a dragon I liked (from a kids coloring page site) and traced it onto wax paper. The dragon I picked was holding a flower, so when I traced it onto the wax paper I just drew in a cupcake instead. I got all of my buttercream colored and into the piping bags and then taped the wax paper onto a small cookie sheet so I could work on a hard surface. (If you are trying this, make sure you flip the wax paper upside down before taping it down because you will be piping right onto the wax paper and don’t want to do it on the side with the ink.)

I started by piping the outline with Wilton’s black icing that comes in a tube. I ALWAYS make my own buttercream – but I opted on using this (just for the outline) because it’s really tough to get buttercream really black without adding a ton of coloring and it changes the consistency and taste of the buttercream. Yuck. Plus, I read that some people had a problem with their black buttercream bleeding and that the Wilton icing didn’t do this. So that’s that. Next I piped in all the colors, and kind of pushed the buttercream down with a little knife to make sure it filled in the outline completely. The whole process took about two hours – not including actually making the cake and the buttercream.

After I was finished, I put the whole cookie sheet right into one of my freezers and left it there until about two hours before I served the cake.  (The buttercream transfer needs to freeze for at least three hours I would think – but mine was in there overnight.) About two hours before I served the cake, I took the transfer out of the freezer and just flipped it over onto my frosted cake and peeled off the wax paper.

These are not the greatest quality pictures – but here is the original picture that I printed out and colored for a guide (I ended up changing the green to purple though on the actual transfer).

Here is the frozen buttercream transfer on the cake!  It was a lemon pound cake with blackberry filling iced with lemon buttercream.  Nothing fancy – just in a 9 x 13 pan.  I was happy with how it came up for my first try and, most importantly, my little guy got a cake with a dragon on it!

Superman Dessert Table

It was my little guy’s 3rd birthday so I surprised him with Superman-themed dessert table for his party!  Included all of his favorites of course – pound cake, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate buttercream, chocolate caramel cake pops, lollipops, m&m’s, sweedish fish and rock candy (aka Kryptonite).  Well, rock candy isn’t really a favorite of his, but I thought it was a cute addition to the theme.  The dessert table was a big hit, although I’m not sure the other children’s parents were too happy about all the sugar I sent them home with.

Happy Birthday Brogan!

To Infinity and Beyond…a Buzz Lightyear Cake

This is the cake I made for my little guy’s 2nd birthday party!  I made marshmallow fondant and took a stab at making a cool cake.  It looks good from afar…but it’s definitely not perfect.  The cake itself is a pound cake and can stand on it’s own, so I wasn’t worried in case the fondant was a bust.  And obviously, the Buzz on top is from our toy box.  Using fondant is definitely a work in progress.